What does CNC mean?

What does CNC mean?

CNC (CNC machine tool) is the abbreviation of computer numerical control machine tool (computer numerical control), which is an automated machine tool controlled by a program. The control system can logically process programs with control codes or other symbolic instructions, and decode them by installing ug, pm and other software on the computer, so that the machine tool can perform prescribed actions and process the blank into semi-finished parts through tool cutting.


What is CNC programming?

CNC programming belongs to the CNC machining industry, and it is divided into manual programming and computer programming. If it is just simple plane processing and bevel processing at regular angles (such as 90, 45, 30, 60 degrees), manual programming is sufficient. If it is for complex surface processing, you must rely on a computer.

Computer programming depends on various programming software (such as UG, CAXA, pm, etc.)


These software mainly rely on the principles of (CAD design, CAM manufacturing, CAE analysis). The most important thing when learning these software is to learn how to build a three-dimensional digital model. Only after the digital model is built can the processing route be specified according to the actual situation, and finally the CNC program can be generated through the processing route.



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